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Atacama Crossing

A self-supported Ultra Marathon

250km ran

7 days in the desert

Completed in 27:09:17

1,683m elevation gain

In September 2022, just five months after becoming the first person in history to row from mainland Europe to mainland North America, it was time for a new challenge.

Not one for mediocrity, the British soldier decided to take on the unforgiving Atacama Crossing in Chile, going up against more than 100 other competitors, many of which had either done this particular race, or similar, before

The Atacama Crossing is a 250 km (155 mi) six-stage foot race held in the desert in Chile. It is a self-supported ultra-marathon which means runners have to carry their clothes, equipment, medicine and food supply for seven days.

The race itself has six stages, where runners have to do four marathons in four days, before covering a huge 74km in a single day. Runners then complete the race with an 11km distance finishing in the ancient town of San Pedro.


Jack had never done anything like this before and it was all completely new to him, however, he once again defied all the odds to finish in a very respectable sixth place, competing the full distance in just 27:09:17.

The Route

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Jack left Camp 1 on 23rd September, within the first four days he completed four marathons. 

After passing through Camp 4, contestants have to cover 74km in one day, followed by a further 11km on the final day, finishing the race in San Pedro. 

Atacama Crossing Map