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British soldier hits £7,500 mark in first two weeks of Atlantic row

British soldier, Jack Jarvis has currently been at sea, alone, for two whole weeks, and in that time he has raised over £7,500 for the amazing charity, brainstrust. 

The 28-year-old is the first person in history to attempt rowing mainland Europe to mainland USA, completely solo. Starting from Portugal, he is rowing around 50 miles a day, for 100 days, before arriving in Miami around mid-March. 

Due to the weather conditions Jack isn’t able to row directly towards to Florida, so the plan of action is to start off by rowing further to the south, collecting more favourable weather conditions and ocean currents before finally being able to focus on making westerly progress. For this reason he is currently somewhere near the Canaries, but unfortunately not for some winter sun!  

When speaking about the £7,500 milestone, Julia Smith, Fundraising Manager from brainstrust, said: “There are at least 60,000 people living with a brain tumour in the UK. Not all will survive their diagnosis. £7,500 will provide 187 brain boxes, or it will support 75 people access two hours of coaching, or 6 counselling sessions for 25 people. It will fund support in a UK region where we operate for three months – all of this work helps people with a brain tumour to feel less afraid, less alone and more in control in the face of a terrifying, life-changing diagnosis”. 

Jack is rowing the Atlantic Ocean in memory of his late grandfather, who sadly passed away from a brain tumour in 2007, with the military man even re-mortgaging his own flat to help him get to the start line. 

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