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United we conquer

A world first solo atlantic row

4,630 miles rowed solo

111 days alone at sea

900k calories burned

£65k+ raised for charity

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The Mission

The story of Jack Jarvis' world first Atlantic row.

This was a route which no-one had ever attempted solo before. A unique challenge, rowing completely unaided from mainland Europe to mainland America, all to raise money for an incredible charity, braintrust.

The route was 4,630 nautical miles, taking 111 days to row. It’s an official Guinness World Record attempt and will push Jack to his absolute limits, both mentally and physically.

The row started from Portugal, heading past the Canary Island and Dominican Republic, before eventually finishing in mainland America near Miami.

The row was incredibly testing, both mentally and physically, but it’s something Jack couldn’t wait to do in memory of his late grandfather, who unfortunately passed away in 2007 from a brain tumour.

This is why the military man was totally dedicated to raising much-needed funds, so much so that he even put in all of his savings to help get to the start line!

The Route

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Jack left Lagos, Portugal, on Friday 3rd December before navigating through
Orca-infested waters towards the Canary Islands. After passing between the
islands of La Palma and La Gomera, Jack made his way west towards the US.

Messages of support

Jack received many shout-outs along the way